Healthy Rivers and Healthy Communities

Escalante River Watershed Partnership (ERWP) is a group of invested organizations and individuals who seek to restore and maintain the Escalante Watershed to its natural ecological conditions. In many cases, the partnership is solely focused on the progress of restoration activities, but there is much more to the success of a healthy river restoration project that involves the relationships and experiences of communities, individuals, and organizations. Those involved with the partnership like Conservation Corps crews, volunteer groups, and private land owners have life changing experiences and positive outcomes from their time spent working with the partnership.

To read testimony through the eyes of our partnership community, check out our Healthy Rivers and Healthy Communities stories as told by: Conservation Corps Crews, Volunteers, and Private Land Owners.

UCC Boulder B Crew

Utah Conservation Corps Boulder B Crew 2016


Hiking to camp 2016 Field Season

Utah Conservation Corp crew member, 2014

Utah Conservation Corps crew member, 2014