Escalante Canyon Art Festival and the ERWP

Every year the town of Escalante holds the Escalante Canyons Art Festival. Artists from all over the country gather to either display their art or to be part of the Plein Air contest. The ERWP likes to take part in these types of town events. This 2015, the ERWP hosted 4 artists on a backcountry trip. This was to give the artist the opportunity to not only get out and see the beauty of the canyons but also to see first hand the restoration work being done by the partnership. All their gear and art supplies were packed out on horseback to a backcountry camp located near a Canyon Country Youth Corps crew. The Artist was able to see first hand the work that these youth were capable of. The Artist took this time to paint beautiful pictures depicting the restoration being done. After the overnight, the artist was kind enough to donate the prints to the ERWP and they had the opportunity to display and sell their artwork at the ERWP booth during the festival. It was a great success. We look forward to being able to be part of the Escalante Canyons Art Festival again this 2016.

Sand Creek Willows_Nori Thorne
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