What We Do

In response to the changes and challenges unfolding in the watershed, the Escalante River Watershed Partnership (ERWP), a coalition of private and public agencies, groups, and individuals...


Restore and maintain the natural ecological condition of the Escalante River and its watershed and involve local communities in promoting and implementing sustainable land and water use practices.


Your gift to the Escalante River Watershed Partnership (ERWP) helps restore the healthy functioning of the watershed. Learn how you can help. Together we can sustain this river and its many benefits for our residents and future generations.

Maps, Graphics & Videos

Monumental Effort Renews Escalante River
– The Nature Conservancy

After 10 years of effort, the initial removal of invasive Russian olive is finally complete. See how it all came together.

Restoring Utah’s Escalante River
– The Nature Conservancy

The rugged, high-desert landscape around Utah’s Escalante River is as diverse as it is remote. Hear how groups are banding together to restore and protect the Escalante.

ERWP Fall Training 2013
– Four Corner’s School of Outdoor Education

The ERWP hires eighty young adults from three conservation corps to conduct Russian olive removal. This is their story.

Walton Family Foundation 

Water in the West initiative highlights the restoration work along the Escalante.