Charter and Mission

The ERWP Charter is currently under revision. Check back later for updated language!


For the establishment and operation of the Escalante River Watershed Partnership (ERWP) to develop a collaborative and comprehensive approach to restore, protect and maintain a healthy riparian ecosystem in the Escalante River watershed in Garfield and Kane Counties, Utah


To restore and maintain the natural ecological conditions of the Escalante River and its watershed and involve local communities in promoting and implementing sustainable land and water use practices. 


In June 2009 a partnership formed to coordinate riparian restoration efforts in southern Utah’s Escalante River Watershed. The partnership, known as Escalante River Watershed Partnership (ERWP), is composed of agencies, local governments, organizations, businesses, non-profits, and individuals who live and work near or on the Escalante River. The ERWP operates under the principles set forth in the 2011 Partnership Agreement. 

Purpose of the Partnership Agreement, Charter, and Annual Plan

The Partnership Agreement outlines the foundation for the ERWP and creates principles of cooperation and coordination between the signatories. This Charter arises from the Partnership Agreement and more fully describes ERWP’s working structure, including roles and responsibilities of its members, the decision-making process, and ground rules/norms for productive meetings. This charter allows for more flexibility than the Partnership Agreement since it is not a signed document. The Annual Plan of Work describes the priorities and actions for the coming fiscal year and gives direction to ERWP’s committees to achieve overall success.

Charter June 2016