Education & Outreach

1922524_767868653274952_8945682294228409499_nERWP takes part in different education and outreach events every year. It is important to inform people on current issues within our watershed. The more you know, the easier it is to help make a difference.

ERWP has set up a booth at the Boulder Beaver Festival, the Escalante Art Festival and The Heritage Festival in past years. At the booths we hand out many types of literature on different topics, including Native Fish and ERWP brochures, FAQ’s about our Russian olive removal project, maps of previous and future restoration areas, and ERWP stickers. We have also recently started selling locally hand made Russian olive cutting boards and coasters.10408147_896811963713953_4393171313895057312_n



Other events ERWP has been part of include, participating in BLM Walks and Talks Lecture Series, leading a station during the Frontier Science School field trip for the Escalante High School, sponsoring well attended presentations on subjects including the importance of historic photos, hydrology, and watersheds.

News articles about ERWP-related activities were published in: Wayne and Garfield County Insider, BCA’s Sage Page newsletter, The Nature Conservancy newsletter and magazine.

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