The well-being of the Escalante River demands a healthy community. That’s why we want to share with you stories about experiences working along the Escalante Watershed from members of the Escalante River Watershed Partnership.

Each member of the group was inspiring and helped me understand that anything is possible. I was impressed by the motivation portrayed by each individual and thoroughly enjoyed their company. Though the work was hard and the nights were cold, I will never forget this experience and will treasure it in my heart forever.” – Sarah, 2013/2014 Great Old Broads For Wilderness Volunteer

From 2001-2019, volunteer groups came to the Escalante River Watershed to help with the removal of Russian olive (RO). The groups usually worked for seven days at a time in the backcountry to clear out debris from larger RO and remove the smaller trees to make for a faster removal process for the conservation crews who came in after.30308547910_a0d8f45619_o

Wilderness Volunteers and Great Old Broads For Wilderness were two of our largest and most consistent groups, but we also host groups from all over the country. Students from University of Wisconsin, Alternative Spring Break and Vanderbilt University worked on both the removal of RO and a class study of the insect diversity in different stages of the RO removal process.

Service learning gives people the opportunity to not only adventure to beautiful and remote places, but to learn by working hands on.

Just completed a Great Old Broads for Wilderness Broadwork, out cutting Russian Olive along the Escalante. It is amazing what a group of ol’ Broads can do and we made this brutal work FUN!” – Jenny West, 2015 Great Old Broads For Wilderness Volunteer

Interested in volunteering? We can tailor your volunteer trip to meet project needs.  We offer several different educational experiences during the volunteer session.

We would like to shout a big thank you to the volunteer groups and individual volunteers who have donated their valuable time to our project and encourage anyone who needs a vacation to come join us on the Escalante River!