Volunteer Quotes

Healthy Rivers and Healthy Communities. The well-being of the Escalante River demands a healthy community. That’s why we want to share with you stories about experiences working along the Escalante Watershed from members of the Escalante River Watershed Partnership.

2013/2014 Volunteers

Each member of the group was inspiring and helped me understand that anything is possible. I was impressed by the motivation portrayed by each individual and thoroughly enjoyed their company. Though the work was hard and the nights were cold, I will never forget this experience and will treasure it in my heart forever.”

-Sarah, Volunteer Great Old Broad for Wilderness


2015 Volunteers

Just completed a Great Old Broads for Wilderness Broadwork, out cutting Russian Olive along the Escalante. It is amazing what a group of ol’ Broads can do and we made this brutal work FUN!

-Jenny West, Volunteer Great Old Broads for Wilderness


2016 Volunteers

Vanderbilt University, Alternative Spring Break Trip


Wilderness Volunteers

wilderness volunteers