Private Lands Owners

Healthy Rivers and Healthy Communities. The well-being of the Escalante River demands a healthy community. That’s why we want to share with you stories about experiences working along the Escalante Watershed from members of the Escalante River Watershed Partnership.

“I am so grateful for the work done this summer on my property by the conservation corps crew that was supported by the Escalante River Watershed Project and Boulder Community Alliance. When I purchased my property several years ago, one of my goals was to work toward restoring the segment of Upper Valley Creek that runs through it. The removal of the Russian olive is the first, and maybe the most important, step toward achieving that goal. This work would have been almost impossible for me to have accomplished alone. A huge thanks to everyone involved!”

-Allysia Angus, Escalante resident


“Bill Wolverton and twelve Wilderness Volunteers helped us remove Russian olive from our property at Calf Creek Ranch. We have the last private 40 acres going down the Escalante from Highway 12 towards Lake Powell. We have been working on removing the thorny pests on and off for the last 15 years and the work has been slow going. With the Wilderness Volunteers, we were able to trim about 75% of the trees. The volunteers were thoughtful and hard working. My understanding is the team leader, Carolyn, has been doing this for three years now. What dedication! Bill’s loathing of Russian olive and love of the Escalante canyon (a wonderful combination) helps him to continue this difficult work. We never thought we would see the Russian olive gone in our lifetime, but now we can actually count the days. Already the cottonwood trees, willows, and native grasses are breathing freer and growing. If anyone would like to come and see the process and results, we would love to show you around; it is phenomenal.”

-Doug and Beverly Howland, Escalante residents


“I first want the reader to become aware of how fortunate I am to have become involved with the Grand Staircase Escalante Partners and all the participating agencies and the individuals involved in making it work. The Grand Staircase Escalante Partners (Escalante River Watershed Partnership) is a rare example of how selfless interests can unite and direct agencies, groups and peoples to accomplish a common goal manifested from a philosophy that benefits all. This concept is so simple but at the same time so difficult for it involves the humbling of its participants to abandon their own selfish inclinations for the benefit of us all. The work that the Partners accomplished on the 7 acres of Escalante River Riparian habitat that I am so blessed to own is a testimony to their philosophy and the hard work they have accomplished.”

-Doug Reynaud, Escalante resident