Conservation Corps Quotes

Healthy Rivers and Healthy Communities. The well-being of the Escalante River demands a healthy community. That’s why we want to share with you stories about experiences working along the Escalante Watershed from members of the Escalante River Watershed Partnership.








2016 Field Season – Conservation Corps Crews

I love the environment out here. Especially working in the backcountry, you get to see things that no one gets to see like this. The beauty of everything that comes and goes. I think that’s the reason I come back.

-Tyna Black, (Native American, female crew lead, 3rd year with Canyon Country Youth Corps) Monument Valley, UT


Just knowing people care about it so much makes me care about it more. Knowing that we had some sort of impact no matter how small, even if it’s only a mile of the river, it’s something we were able to do. This (canyon) has been my home. I live out here more than I do in Cedar City. I got attached to it, I guess.

-Joseph Klingelhutz (Utah Conservation Corps)


I like meeting new people from all over the rest of the United States. I learn a lot from them. I come back for the scholarships too. I’ve already gotten three of them…

-Forest (Canyon Country Youth Corps)