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Expectations of Signatory Partners:
  • Support the goal and objectives of ERWP as set forth in the Partnership Agreement and the ERWP annual action plan;
  • Work to increase awareness and support for ERWP’s objectives (e.g., letters of endorsement, funding proposals, participation in media activities, public support via print and digital marketing materials, etc);
  • Secure support of ERWP through any public media or other education/outreach efforts;
  • Allow use of the individual partners’ logo on ERWP printed and web materials as allowed in the policies and procedure of each partner;
  • Participate in regularly scheduled meetings of ERWP and its committees;
  • Participate in the development and implementation of an annual work plan to meet partnership objectives;
  • Share expertise, lessons learned, and wherever appropriate, resources. Equipment will be the property of individual members, rather than having ERWP own equipment; and
  • Hold sensitive and/or proprietary information in confidence.

Interested in becoming a signatory partner?

Contact Jonathan Paklaian at, or

Linda Whitham at

Below is the most up-to-date Partnership Agreement:

Partnership Agreement updated May 1, 2018

Partnership Agreement Extension updated May 1, 2018