Water in the Desert

In a place where water is scarce and demands are great, the Escalante River faces mounting challenges

The Escalante River is part of our lives. Its waters carve our stunning canyons, nurture our wildlife and sustain our communities. But as population grows, so does the demand placed on this limited resource. Farming, ranching, gardening, culinary needs, as well as increasing tourism and recreation impact the natural systems throughout the watershed, home to popular visitor destinations including the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. At the same time, the quality and quantity of river flows are threatened by declining beaver populations, bark beetle infestations, ailing aspen forests, decreased snowpack and hotter, drier conditions.

In addition to sustaining the natural wonders of this region, the Escalante Watershed plays a vital role for residents and visitors. From recreation to agriculture to industry, the waters of the Escalante fuel livelihoods and support our quality of life.

The Escalante River Watershed Partnership, a community-based coalition, is helping restore the health of this watershed by promoting sustainable land and water use practices. Learn how you can help. Together we can maintain this watershed and its many benefits for our residents, visitors, and future generations.